About Us

Our Vision

We wish to encourage people to be the change and make the difference for the Palestinians in Gaza. Humanity needs to unite, and raise voices for the voiceless.

We know that we do not need to wait for someone else to help, when we are capable to come together and do that ourselves.

We want to invigorate people to see beyond borders, race, ethnicity, religion, genders sexuality and disabilities for the best interests of those suffering in Gaza.

Save Gaza Project needs YOU. Whether it be through volunteering, spreading awareness or simply making a donation. We want you to know that by choosing to act, you make a difference.

Main Objectives

Work alongside the displaced Palestinians to help them receive basic needs such as food, clean water,  and clothing.

Provide alternate shelter away from hospitals and schools.

Establish long-term shelters to provide safety for children, women, the elderly and those injured and in urgent need of stability.

Deliver medicine and other medical aid to those injured and in requirement of critical medical attention.

Working alongside professionals to ensure children suffering from trauma and other psychological issues are being diagnosed and facilitated.

Contribute in the redevelopment of educational facilities, by providing the necessary resources to communities.

Al-Tawheed Society and Us

We will be working alongside the Al-Tawheed Society in Gaza, Palestine, as we aim together to reach out and accomplish the objectives of the Save Gaza Project.

The Al-Tawheed Society is a charitable, social, and cultural association and is not affiliated to any political party. Al-Tawheed Society is legally proclaimed and registered under the Registration no: 7232 at the Department of Associations of the Palestinian Nationality Authority in Gaza.

The Al-Tawheed Society will not profit from any donation made, and 100% of all contributions will be used towards achieving our objectives.

What else?

There’s a way YOU can get involved with Save Gaza Project and be a part of the change in Gaza. Click donate or volunteer to join Save Gaza Project and unite with us to work together to help the Palestinians in Gaza and fight against injustice.

The fight against injustice begins with education. Read our blog to learn more about Palestine and the illegal occupation. Our blog also features events we host in Gaza, and projects we embark upon to achieve our objectives.

If you are a ‘Friend of Palestine’ don’t forget to send us your video/picture of support declaring your solidarity. See who has already declared their support.